Learn to Play Guitar in Just 20 Hours

The guitar is an essential music instrument in blues music. So, if you want to learn to play blues, learning how to play the guitar is the first step. According to studies, a person needs 10,000 hours to be good at something like playing the piano, guitar, be good at certain sports, etc. Imagine, that’s 5 years of our working life. If we are going to base our learning on this study, learning how to play the guitar in your 30’s or even 40’s would be a bad idea. But as musicians, we know that there is a viable shortcut to learning how to play the guitar.


Learn the Parts and How to Operate

First, you have to buy a guitar. You can shop online using discounts. And don’t worry about buying an expensive one since you are still at the learning stage. Learn the parts first. It’s quite simple. Once you are familiar with the parts, learn how to tune it. We don’t suggest using a tuner. Real musicians can tune by ear. This way, you can be familiarized with the basic notes. It is helpful when you are already trying to pluck. Since you have an idea what sound a note will produce, you’ll get a good instinct how all these works.

Start With Your Favorite Songguitar

A chord book will have at least hundreds of chords. 20 hours won’t be sufficient to learn all of them. So, start with your favorite song first. Look up the song online or buy a music sheet using offers & coupons. Most likely, you’ll need to learn 4 to 5 chords to play a song. Learning the basic chords won’t hurt at all. You will just need to work with your fingers and their coordination.

Timing, Strumming, and Plucking

Timing is the rhythm or the count of a music piece. Listen to your favorite song, and observe the changing of chords. Count attentively and incorporate it with your strumming. Plucking is not for beginners, but if you are a daring one, you can give it a shot. In just 20 hours, you can play your favorite song. Once you have mastered a song, go to the next until everything becomes fluid.