Guide to Song Publishing

After recording your song, the next move is to get the people to listen. The whole purpose of publishing songs is to increase the artist’s exposure while securing the song rights. Other musicians would rather do the song publishing themselves but that might take a while. If you want to make things move fast-paced, seeking help from a reputable publishing company would be a great help.


Look for Publishers Who Are Into Your Genre

It’s best to look for publishers who understand your music. There is a higher chance that they will approve your work and invest in you. To do this, you have to go online and search for their database. There are online tools that you could download with a discount, but there are also free sites offering this information such as Authors, and Publishers, American Society of Composers, and Society of European Stage Actors and Composers.

Pitching to Credible Publishers

Pitching to publishers is no easy-peasy. Understand that these publishing companies need to invest in you before they can make a profit. Before going to publishers to make your pitch, it’s good to come prepared. It will be better if you are already making a name by doing a live performance. Include all your achievements in your portfolio. If you don’t have any experience in performing live, at least make sure that you have a quality recording of your music.

If Offers Are Made, Check The Contract

contractAs an artist, look closely on the song rights. As much as possible, you want to retain the copyrights. You don’t want the publishing company to get all the benefits after the song becomes a hit. If the offer is more on the publisher’s side, try to renegotiate and visit them directly using rental cars coupon code & discounts. Persuade them to change the contract, if all things fail, keep on searching.

Keep on Making Connections

The music industry is a tricky place. Having good music is not going to cut it, but having powerful connections does. Keep on making good music. Don’t lay your future in the hands of others. As an artist, you have to strive and be willing to give everything you can to reach the top.