Fried Bourbon has already completed our sets of musical instruments. It would be best that you own a music instrument for your personal use though, we don’t require our musicians to have one.

Kindly contact us with the copy of your original using mp3 or mp4 format. Our members will rate your song. If it gets a good rating, it will be published on our site and other music channels we work with. We’ll make sure that your name will be highlighted.

The last thing we want is to take credit for an original that is not written by us. If we like your original, we’ll help you find music channels so more people could hear it. Our connections in the music industry can also help you with the copyright.

Good for you. If you think that you are already doing well when it comes to giving yourself exposure, you may continue what you are doing. Fried Bourbon helps struggling talented musicians to find ways how to earn money in pursuit of their dreams. We help them get contracts and performance invitations.

First, register with us. You’ll receive a form that you need to fill out discussing important details such as the time and date of your event. We’ll contact you 24 to 48 hours after you successfully submitted your booking request.

Sign up with us so you’ll get updates on when is the next music hub sessions. The location changes as we want to meet our supporters and fans.