About Us

Why Fried Bourbon?

When people ask who we are and why our name is Fried Bourbon, we can’t help but smile. Fried bourbon is a delicacy, an intoxicating deep-fried doughnut. We like the dish, and normally eat it whenever our group gets the chance to meet. We decided that it is going to be the name of our music hub. It has the right ring to it. Fried Bourbon has all the qualities of what music should be like. It should stimulate your soul and bring a smile on your face.

Our Music

Fried Bourbon exists with the sole purpose of keeping blues music alive for the next generations to come. We deliver pure music by collaborating with freelance musicians. We do everything by following our thirst for fresh blues music and sincere intention to help freelance musicians make a mark in the concentrated world of the music industry. We ventured in events to give a chance to our artists to showcase their talents. Fried Bourbon has also partnered with local bars in Belgium where we can intoxicate the audience with music. It’s been 5 years since the launching of Fried Bourbon, but it feels as if we just launched it yesterday. Time indeed flies when you are having fun.

Be Part of Our Small Family

We are a small family of musicians, not related by blood, but music has intertwined our paths. If you have a gift of music within you, but don’t know where to start, join our family. We already have the right equipment for any events. You can save money on electronics by joining us as we know where to get high-quality musical instruments. Our family will keep you company as we share good music.